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Is a premiere token voting site for the crypto community with top notch features so everyone can have fun and enjoy the site. It is a community driven platform and will include voting features for each addition to the site.

When you come to the site you will be able to scroll down to the voting section where there will be multiple voting categories to choose from. Each voting category will be up for a selected period of time.
Some Examples

Rocket Shot (Main One)
Best Long Term Hold
Best Meme Token
Best Tech
Best Community

The 2nd page for Saferockets is the NFT SafeRockets feed. This is where safe and secure NFT projects can have their tokens listed and have the crypto community vote on their favorites. Like the main page this will have numerous categories to showcase projects unique features to include their technical ability.

Users will be able to select from each category completely free of charge. The winners for these pools will be highlighted in the winners tab after each voting period has been concluded. The winners will also receive an article on Unitynews where they will have a featured article for display to showcase the token and why it is a great buy so the crypto community can see.

Coinmarketcap Feed
You will also see on SafeRockets, the Coinmarketcap feed so you can constantly stay aware of the market conditions and view price feeds.

Last but not the least, is the SAFETY of this platform and what is showcased here. Each project will be carefully vetted to ensure liquidity is locked and an audit has been verified or an audit is verified to be in progress. There may be additional measures to ensure each project is in fact safe and secure to the extent we feel investors should are able to minimize their risk with their investment.

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